Cassette for Elution of [68Ga]

Cassette for Elution of (68Ga)


The product is designed for the automated Elution of [68Ga] using a GRP® Module.


  • Cassette for Elution of [68Ga] using a GRP® Module

Storage Condition

Store at < 30°C. Protected from light.

Transport Condition

The shipment of our products fulfills all required regulations.


All components are tested for stability by the manufacturer or SCI-att.

Product Information

For use by qualified personnel only.
The production set is designed for single use with the GRP® Module and can be used with the following models: smartGRP Module, GRP 2V Module, GRP 3V Module
and GRP 4V Module.

The product does not include all components for the manufacturing process of a radiopharmaceutical.