Disposable Sets for [68Ga] synthesis

Storage conditions and handling

Storage Condition

Component-specific according to the specifications:

Storage at < 30°C. Protected from light.

Transport Condition

The shipment of our products fulfills all required regulations.


All components are tested for stability by the manufacturer or SCI-att.

Handling Information

For use by qualified personnel only.

The product is designed for single use with the GRP module.

The product does not include all components for the manufacturing process of a radiopharmaceutical.


Shorter Synthesis time (Synthesis time 2V Production Set: 15 min)

High yields up to 70% +/- 5%

Perfect fit of the cassette on the GRP® Module, due to the proprietary manifolds

Immediate availability of the cassettes

Service and availability of SCI-att

Small dimensions of the packaging to greatly simplify the sluicing process