Disposable Sets for Isotopic Exchange [18F] for [19F]

Storage conditions and handling

Storage Condition

Component-specific according to the specifications:

Storage at < 30°C. Protected from light.

Storage at -20°C (+/-5°C). Protected from light.

Transport Condition<

All components are shipped as dangerous goods.

Two components of the product set are shipped controlled and monitored at -20°C (+/-5°C).


All components are tested for stability by the manufacturer or SCI-att.

Handling Information

For use by qualified personnel only.

The product is designed for single use with the GRP module.

The product does not include all components for the manufacturing of a radiopharmaceutical.


High RCYs of > 50% and specific activities of 30-63 GBq/µmol

One step isotopic exchange enabling high (radio-)chemical purity by solid phase extraction (avoiding HPLC purification)

Mild labelling conditions, possible at ambient temperature

Fast and robust labelling (< 6 min) with a complete production time of less than 20 min

Immediate availability of cassettes

Service and availability of SCI-att

Small dimensions of packaging simplifying the sluicing process