Product name: DOTA-TOC (Acetate salt)

Precursor for radiometal-labelled DOTA-TOC

Targeting of the somatostatin receptors for imaging and therapy

Molecular weight: 1421.6 [g/mol]

Molecular formula: C65H92N14O18S2


General Information

Product No.: 50200, 50201
Product name: DOTA-TOC (Acetate salt)
Synonyms: DOTATOC, Edotreotide, DOTA(0)-Phe(1)-Tyr(3))octreotide
Sequence: DOTA–D-Phe–Cys–Tyr–D-Trp–Lys–Thr–Cys–Thr(ol)(cyclo 2-7)
Molecular weight: 1421.6 [g/mol]
Molecular formula: C65H92N14O18S2
CAS No.:  204318-14-9

Product Description

Enantiomerically pure, chemical precursor for radiopharmaceutical preparations with [68Ga], [90Y], [177Lu] or [225Ac].
For use by qualified personnel only.


Product No. 50200: 1000 µg net peptide (lyophilisate, acetate salt)
Product No. 50201:      50 µg net peptide (lyophilisate, acetate salt)


Clear tubular glass vials type I (borosilicate, 2 mL) with lyophilisation stoppers and closed with aluminium caps.

Storage and Stability

Storage at -20°C (± 5°C). Protect from light.
A temperature increase up to +40°C over a period of ≤ 3 days does not affect the purity of the chemical precursor.
However, elevated temperature might lead to a change in the appearance of the lyophilisate.


Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Compliance

Manufactured in full compliance with current EU GMP requirements. Specifications according to Ph. Eur. 2902 “Chemical precursors for radiopharmaceutical preparations”.


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