Oct 17 2020
October 17, 2020

33rd Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (cancelled)

  • Vienna, Austria

Nuclear Medicine keeps on growing in many clinical areas, from diagnostic imaging to therapy: our procedures are increasingly being incorporated into clinical practice, in a variety of settings and diseases. This success is mostly related to a peculiar characteristic of our specialty, namely the functional approach to medicine. PET imaging works so well because of the unique functional information provided to clinicians, and this feature is the key to the ongoing rapid diffusion of Nuclear Medicine.

In recent years, the status of the EANM Congress as the world-leading meeting in Nuclear Medicine has been firmly established. The number of attendees in 2019 exceeded that in any previous year, with more than 6950 participants, but we are working to make the 2020 event even bigger and more memorable. The usual excellent tracks and sessions will be confirmed, from Pre-Congress Symposia to Multidisciplinary Joint Symposia, while a number of newer features are also being planned. We will have a new format for the Plenary Sessions, new Top-Rated Oral Presentation Sessions and a new Top Trials Session. A completely new format is being prepared for the e-Posters, as well as a special setting for Controversy Sessions.

A further characteristic of our Congress is its multidisciplinarity, and this will be emphasised in 2020, with a number of sessions bringing together physicians from many specialties as well as specialists in radiochemistry and pharmacy, physicists and other professionals. In addition, a dedicated track for technologists will be provided.

If these enticing features are still insufficient to motivate you to attend the EANM’20 Congress, I would also remind you of the unique opportunity to meet and interact with friends and colleagues from all over the world, to network and discuss science, to break away from the daily routine and to enjoy everything that the city of Vienna has to offer. The social programme of the 33rd Annual EANM Congress will be very rich, with an exciting Opening Ceremony, a Presidential Reception, a Charity Party and a concluding Farewell Event.

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