Ga-PSMA I&T R&D Ref.

Ga-PSMA I&T Reference material

Product name:
[69,71Ga]PSMA I&T,
[natGa]PSMA I&T

Cold reference material for [68Ga]PSMA I&T

Molecular Weight:
1565.1 [g/mol] (av.)

Molecular Formula: C63H89IGaN11O23

Ga-PSMA I&T - cold reference material

General Information

Product no.: 50140
Product name: Ga-PSMA I&T
Synonyms: 69,71GaPSMA I&T, natGaPSMA I&T
Sequence: Suber-1-oyl-ε-([69,71Ga]-DOTA-GA-3-iodo-D-Tyr-D-Phe-D-Lys-OH)-8-oyl-ε-(HO-Glu-ureido-Lys-OH)
Molecular weight: 1565.1 [g/mol] (av.)
Molecular formula: C63H89IGaN11O23
CAS no.:  n.a.

Product description

Quantitative in-house reference material. Cold reference material for analysis of [68Ga]PSMA I&T.
For use by qualified personnel only.
Not for drug use. For laboratory use only.


Product no. 50140:   250 µg (lyophilisate, TFA salt)


2 mL cryovials (PP)

Storage and Stability

Storage at – 20°C (± 5 °C) and protected from light.


Analytical Data Sheet with Peptide Purity (RP-HPLC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS).
TSE/BSE Statement on Request.