GRP 2V is the smallest and most compact synthesizer within the GRP series. ​Its performance for the synthesis of [68Ga]- and [177Lu]-labelling-peptides and the production of [18F]-fluoride ​has been demonstrated in >100 centers worldwide on tenthousands of successful productions.

[18F]-labelling of SiFA-conjugated radiopharmaceuticals

GRP 2V also represents the extended version for the production of [18F]siPSMA and [18F]siTATE that allows for using it not only for [18F]-labelling of SiFA-compounds, but also for [68Ga]- and [177Lu]-labelling

very fast production (<15min)

at room temperature, thus without volatile 18F-activity

high yields

unparalleled cost efficiency

small and simple module

small and simple cassette and reagent kit