GRP 2V is the smallest and most compact synthesizer within the GRP series.

​Its performance for the synthesis of Ga-68- and Lu-177-peptides and the production of F-18-fluoride ​has been demonstrated in >100 centers worldwide on tenthousands of successful productions.

[F-18]labeling of SiFA-conjugated radiopharmaceuticals

[F-18]siPSMA and [F-18]siTATE:

GRP 2V also represents the extended version for the production of [F-18]siPSMA and [F-18]siTATE that allows for using it not only for F-18-albeling of SiFA-compounds, but also for Ga-68- and Lu-177 labeling.


• Reactor unit

• Master valve unit

• Detector unit

• Additional valve unit

• Syringe unit

• SCC Software / GRP Interface

F-18 SiFA conjugated tracers


Lu-177, Y-90, Cu-64 ...

Please give us a call to learn more about the tailord offers for our GRP 2V modules.

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