siGRP Module

For production of the ​[18F]siPSMA and [18F]siTATE and new upcoming SiFA-Tracers we have designed a dedicated GRP Module that provides considerable advantages.

GRP 3V is the mid-size configuration of our shelf modules.

In addition to the tracers that can be produced with GRP-2V, this model can also be used for [68Ga]-labelling-peptides and several others e.g. [90Y] or [18F]FDG tracers.

siGRP Module [18F]siPSMA, [18F]siTATE, [18F]rhPSMA
GRP 2V Module [18F]siPSMA, [18F]siTATE, [18F]rhPSMA, [177Lu]-tracer, [68Ga]-tracer (2V), [89Zr]*, NaF
smartGRP [18F]siPSMA, [18F]siTATE, [18F]rhPSMA, [177Lu]-tracer, [68Ga]-tracer (2V), [89Zr]*, NaF
GRP 3V Module [18F]siPSMA, [18F]siTATE, [18F]rhPSMA, [177Lu]-tracer, [68Ga]-tracer (3V), [89Zr]*, NaF, [18F]FDG (3V), [90Y], [68Ga]-PSMA-11, [18F]PSMA-1007
GRP 4V Module** [18F]siPSMA, [18F]siTATE, [18F]rhPSMA, [177Lu]-tracer, [68Ga]-tracer (3V), [89Zr]*, NaF, [18F]FDG (4V), [90Y], [68Ga]-PSMA-11, [18F]FMISO, [18F]FET, [18F]FLT, [18F]FMC, [18F]PSMA-1007

*Information on request
**GRP Module configuration only on request

10 Valves & 1 Syringe Pump

Cartridge holder and capillary fixation system

Pressure Sensors for + and - pressure

1 Activity Sensor

Vacuum pump

LAN connection