GMP Production of

[F-18]siPSMA and [F-18]siTATE:

​• very fast production (<15min)

• at room temperature, thus without volatile 18F-activity

• high yields

• small and simple module

• small and simple cassette and reagent kit

• unparalleled cost efficiency

Radiochemical yield:

​50 % (*)

​Synthesis Time :

< 15 min

​Specific activity:

300 GBq/µmol (**)

applicable to:

​all SiFA tracers

** results from >400 clinical GMP production (starting activities from 30-100GBq)


*   using 100 GBq [18F]fluoride and 150 nmol precursor (typical value)


Wurzer A et al. J Nucl Med. 2019 (accepted) 

​​​siGRP Module

​​​For production of the ​[​F-18]siPSMA and [F-18]SiFAlin-TATE and new upcoming SiFA-Tracers we have designed a dedicated GRP Module that provide considerable advantages:

Production of [F-18]SiFA-based radiopharmaceuticals ​

​The labeling process:

​•​ SPE of [18F]F- on QMA

• on-cartridge drying of [F-18]fluoride
(patent protected)

•​ ​elution of QMA 

• labeling at room
temerature for 5 min

•​ ​dilution and SPE

• washing, elution,        filtration
and dilution

• automated on a

module especially designed for SiFA-labeling   

​​​The siGRP Module​


Wurzer A et al. ​ (manuscript in preparation)

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