smartGRP is the latest and smartest GRP product of our series.

The smartGRP is a cost-effective alternative for doing standard syntheses, such as [68Ga]- and [177Lu]-labelling-peptides. In addition, it can also be used for the syntheses that the siGRP offers.

The new model is designed with the intent of offering the usual GRP feeling while also allowing for several upgrade options.

siGRP Module [18F]siPSMA-14, [18F]siTATE/ [18F]siFAlin-TATE
GRP 2V Module [18F]siPSMA-14, [18F]siTATE/ [18F]siFAlin-TATE, [177Lu]-tracer, [68Ga]-tracer (2V), [89Zr]*, NaF
smartGRP [18F]siPSMA-14, [18F]siTATE/ [18F]siFAlin-TATE, [177Lu]-tracer, [68Ga]-tracer (2V), [89Zr]*
GRP 3V Module [18F]siPSMA-14, [18F]siTATE/ [18F]siFAlin-TATE, [177Lu]-tracer, [68Ga]-tracer (3V), [99mTc]PSMA I&S, [89Zr]*, NaF, [18F]FDG (3V), [90Y], [68Ga]-PSMA-11, [68Ga]-FAPI
GRP 4V Module** [18F]siPSMA-14, [18F]siTATE/ [18F]siFAlin-TATE,  [177Lu]-tracer, [68Ga]-tracer (3V), [99mTc]PSMA I&S, [89Zr]*, NaF, [18F]FDG (4V), [90Y], [68Ga]-PSMA-11, [18F]FMISO, [18F]FET, [18F]FLT, [18F]FMC, [68Ga]-FAPI

*Information on request
**GRP Module configuration only on request

10 Valves & 1 Syringe Pump

Cartridge holder and capillary fixation system

Pressure Sensors for + and - pressure

Reaction Vial heater

Gas flow controller and 1 activity sensor

LAN connection