GRP™ modules – the technical dimension:

Your attractive solution for all your tracer synthesis needs
– reliable basis for GMP conformant routine production
– flexible basis for all your R&D labelling projects
– customizable and expandable base that grows with your demands
– option for reliable dispensing and monitoring
– ​for both imaging and therapeutic agents
– an “easy as a smartphone” operable device thanks to intuitive operation via
GRP™-Interface software read more


The components of the GRP™ system are designed to stack directly above one another in order to minimize module footprint and save expensive hot cell space. Alternatively, the stacking may be back set using a special mounting plate to provide further synthesis options and to conform to customers’ hot cells.
Only one single GRP™-unit is necessary to e.g. produce, apart from 18F-FDG and 18F-Fluoride, also other commonly used tracers such as 18F-FET, 18F-FLT, 18F-FMC and 18F-FMISO
This makes GRP™ the most compact and flexible system on the market.

GRP modules are supported with Cassette and reagent appliances from independent suppliers!

GRP cassettes are available for almost all currently and commonly used PET tracers and the list of cassettes for GMP production of diagnostic and therapeutic tracers is continuously expanding. SCINTOMICS GRP Cassette Design:

  •  high yields
  •  fast synthesis
  •  eas​y handling
  •  attractive prices

GRP™-cassette-appliances are produced under GMP conformant conditions and are delivered with extensive GMP documentation. In addition to standard tracer appliances, att/SCINTOMICS offers synthesis appliances for some of the most innovative and promising recently discovered biomarkers such as [18F] -siTATE (SST-receptor antagonist), or several PSMA agents ( [18F]siPSMA/ [177Lu]-PSMA I&T) for imaging and therapy. For these tracers cassette appliances are available for GRP modules, for some of them exclusively from att/Scintomics.



Unique Features of the GRP Modules

Site Requirements for on-site installation

Service and Maintenance and support